Bill Merry, Jr.

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As President of Herndon & Merry, Bill Merry, Jr. has a broad range of responsibilities, but he’s quick to tell you that metalwork design is his favorite part of the job. He is an accomplished designer and is personally involved in every project undertaken by H&M, one of the customer benefits of dealing with a small, family-owned-and-operated company.

Bill wasn’t always President. In fact, his first job at Herndon & Merry was sweeping floors. He began working in the family business at age 15, after school, on weekends and during summer vacation, eventually working at every job in the shop, including welding, grinding, cutting steel, sandblasting and painting.

After graduating from Tennessee Technological University with a bachelor's degree in marketing in 1981, he worked in related fields for several years, then rejoined his family at Herndon & Merry in 1991 as President of the company. Under his leadership, additional emphasis has been placed on the firm's design capabilities, and that has become the special advantage for which Herndon & Merry is best known.