Keith Merry

Growing up in his family’s architectural metalwork company, Keith was exposed to all aspects of the business from an early age. But what excited him most was discovering that Herndon & Merry was, in effect, continuing the tradition of the highly detailed, artistic work of the master craftsmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the heyday of grand design in American ornamental ironwork.

A graduate of the O'More College of Design, in 1987 he launched the Garden Park Antiques division of Herndon & Merry, combining his study of the masters, design schooling and nuts-and-bolts knowledge of metalwork design and fabrication in an exciting new venture. His unique workshop/showroom deals in decorative antique architectural elements plus furniture and accessories designed by Keith incorporating salvaged architectural fragments as the focal point. More recently, he has added a collection of off-the-wall “retro” items that have nothing in common except fundamental design excellence and highly appealing character.
Keith's work has appeared in Architectural Digest, El Décor, House & Garden, Southern Accents, Southern Living, Renovation Style, Colonial Home and on HGTV.